A Day in the Life of Zaras

If you have been reading lately you might be familiar with Zaras. Today is his maiden battle, as well as the vyper and war walker from the last post. At the Rabbit Hole we were playing 1250 point matches, I decided to field a fast list.
The farseer deployed Zaras on the right flank during the first battle. The eldar were facing a marine force consisting of 42 loyalists, including sternguard and devastators.
The devastators were on the fire dragon's to do list, so into the mealstrom of heavy fire he happily flew. Many cover saves later, the dragons were deployed.
The mon-kieh responded with missile fire and an orbital bombardment. After also making many cover saves, their assault plan in tatters and the dragons fell back.
The right flank was bolstered by the timely arrival of the jetbike squadron (who wasted no time in assaulting them). Zaras ferried the remaining dragons to secure the rear objective. Now with both the devastators in combat, and the farseer and dire avengers dealing with the sternies, the focus was on the tactical squads.
The Master Captain and his marines were in Zaras' sights, but Chaplain Goldie was after the farseer. Storms of laser and shriuken fire strafed the building as the dragons secured the objective.
The farseer spent five rounds in combat with Goldie and his marines until the jetbikes arrived and he finally fell. The marines had been removed from the objectives, and the dragons held one.
The next skirmish was against Waagh! Sparky. Zaras quickly sped towards the deffdread, delivering its payload. As it flew to a safer distance the 'dread caught the pulse laser in one of its claws.
The orks attempted to rush the river, but with the dire avengers holding the landing pad/objective, and the roving skimmers, the eldar bank was secure. The fire dragons destroyed the 'dread with meltabombs, but were them killed by angry burnas.
The battle was a draw, on the seventh turn a warboss was tentatively holding the center objective, the dire avengers holding the other.

And that was a day in the life of a falcon named Zaras. Until next time,
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