Zaras, Bringer of Flame

Freshly varnished, here is my second falcon, Zaras.
I have added a turquoise hue to the craftworld, via diamonds and flames. It also seems that those elves have been trading gems with the exodites again, adding green and purple to the blue ones.
The back ramp bears the symbol of my fire dragon aspect, which would also explain the flames.
I have decided to finish off the eldar I have before attacking the new dark eldar bitz to make exodites. But we will see how infallible that plan is.
Remember Mr. Huggy and those Black Legion? Well they were gifted to their new owner, who seems to have contracted Nurgle's Rot upon touching the chaos codex. This is his first nurgle marine, a sorceror (of which I forget the name of at the moment, sorry).
He was primed white, and then attacked with various brown ad green washes, a smattering of rotten flesh and boltgun, and another wash. Pustular! Any helpful comments would be passed along, I'm sure he would love to hear them!
And that is another day in Ricalopia,
Be Well.
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