Guardsmen Falling from the Sky

At last the veteran squad and their valkyrie are finished. They were actually finished a while ago, but I haven't been posting lately.
This veteran squad is equipped with meltaguns as well as melabombs (and that oh-so-fun det charge) for seek and destroy missions. To improve their pathetic combat abilities, the rest of the squad has shotguns.
Their transport, HDA, is only armed with the basic hellfuries and the multilaser, making it only 100 points. Together the whole unit is less than 300.
HDA, in addition to being an awesome band, has also been upgraded with a loudspeaker and surf board racks, because charlie don't surf. One might also notice that all of my aircraft are mounted upon 1/2" thick wooden bases, this is to make them bottom-heavy so they don't fall over.

Until next we meet,
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