Why My Floor is Covered with Plastic Chunks

Off I go with another couple of ideas...
I was quite taken by the concept of a medical squad to accompany my 609th. As most of the force is mobile, the medics would need an ambulance.
I decided to use the new hellhound kit as well as a KZKT-537LTractor kit (1/32 scale) mostly for the wheels.
It will most likely count as a chimera. I have plans to make a medical servitor with an operation table inside as well as racks for a couple of stretchers.
I would like to thank Admiral Drax for the medic idea, and Dave Taylor for giving me vehicle ideas that make me drool on myself.
Elsewhere, the Inquisition has commissioned the forges to make an interceptor fighter.
The design is based upon the Aquilla symbol, with similar design ideas to the vulture gunship.
I will be arming it with a twin-linked autocannon and two hellstrikes.

Comments are requested and appreciated! There are a few things I'm not too sure about...so fellow bloggers, what do you think?

Ricalope, SL.
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