100 Drunk Guardsmen

The Beer Wagon was pulled out from the depths of the Rabbit Hole the other day. It was had collected the prerequisite layer of dust months ago.
Constructed from plasicard , a big beer can, and a scattering of bitz, this model might be used as a stratagem.
We have a house rule here, about putting your stratagems on trailers. A trailer will give it's bonus to a single vehicle within 6". Trailers are also armor 10 all around, ignore "stunned" and "shaken" results, and are able to be moved by any non-walker vehicle. What do you think?
The Beer Wagon itself will be a special stratagem. If the Beer Wagon is destroyed, all units within 2d6" must make a pinning test, for the remainder of the game all units gain hatred (re-rolls to hit in close combat) against the unit which destroyed it. If the Beer Wagon is intact at the end of the game, the controlling player wins in the case of a draw.
That covers it for now.
Ricalope, SL.
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