Frankie, the Slaughterfex

Frankie is very mad, he was put on hold while I built a daemon-engine and started some Imperial projects.
Such is his size and ferocity he roamed the project table, collecting bits of putty, until he became finished. Well building at least...
It will be interesting to see how he does, a pure close combat beast. Tony, a gunfex that is yet to be made, will be backing him up on the field (well that is my pre-codex plan).
Yup, he is big and covered in pox.
Doesn't he just say "hug me"?
Well, that is it for now. Next up are more termagaunts...
Speaking of gaunts, I noticed twelve-bug boxes of termagaunts and hormagaunts sold separately in GW today, I approve.

Thanks for looking, and as always, be well,
Ricalope, SL.
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