A Storm of Swords

"Farseer EnDai walked away from his scrying runes towards where Jaher, his autarch, waited. With a slender almost crystalline hand, EnDai gives him a single rune, and with it the knowledge imbued within. Leaving, Jaher goes to muster the aspect temples for war. "

"Forgemaster Kyuub, the Murderess' H&K is down again, and the Terminator squad reports their storm bolters are malfunctioning. Unknown signatures keep requesting permission to deep strike and the men report sightings of strange beasts."

"Copy it all to Lord Commander Alphares. I always knew those H&K rigs were crap. Emperor's infallible design my ass!!"

"And where the Throne's my gun servitor??"
The eldar entered from the webway in the grey administratum building, intent on stopping the rouge techmarine from retrieving the archeotech from the machanicum buildings not far off. The farseer, with his bodyguard of dire avengers, defended the portal with a unit of guardins at his disposal. The rest of the swordwind positioned themselves to assault those defending the building.
The assault for the machanicum building was bloody, with the guardian jetbikes destroyed and the warp spiders crushed by terminators. Prolonged as well as swift combats broke out as shining spears rode through chaos marines and fire dragons used their meltas on anything close (like the landraider). Jaher dispatched the techmarine before being taken by the warp during a jump.
In the center, a very angry, and immobilised, dreadnought took scattered fire from the passing falcon. The plauge marines and striking scorpions eventually engaged each other atop the walkways, the infected marines killing half the scorpions while being cut down and crushed (the combat lasted four rounds!)
With a vyper in tow, the waveserpent belonging to the dire avengers made a successful preemptive assault of the marines facing them. With a combination of Doom and Bladestorm they managed to eliminate both the chaos marines as well as two obliterators who deep striked into the fray.
With the chaos objective taken, and the eldar objective held by guardians, the chaos forces were beginning to look deperate. With extermination on his mind, Farseer EnDai and his entourage flew towards the dreadnought, killing it with shruiken and laser fire. This left the guardians alone protecting thier objective, which was targeted by the second squad of terminators still held in reserve. The traitors carved through the artisans and accountants like paper.

The battle ended with a very satisfying draw, with a few laughs and nail-biting, in all a great battle!

"The Omnissiah is great for distracting servitors or bluffing admins or generating time-wasting ceremonies. But beings with the deepest insight see that so delineating the world as to imply that there needs to be a Prime Mover, is insane."
- Radical Forgemaster Nimrod Kyuub, Wolfram

"We cannot trust the mon-kei to defend themselves, so we must do it for them."
-Autarch Jaher, Craftworld Apsaraph.

"I entered this conflict on the side of good, sided with evil against good. My job is simply to destroy as much of SOMETHING as possible."
- Lord Commander Alphares, Wolfram
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