Warp Wednesday Twelve: The Tools of Change

Happy Warpday, today I would like to talk about tools. First off, the "Big Clippy-Grabby Things". Clippers, for clipping. Pliers for grabbing. And the multi-tool mostly for its big file, sawblade and bottle opener.
Ahh, wires. Paperclips (regular sized) get used for pinning things together, sometimes I will have a couple large ones lying around (not right now it seems). Flower wire (the green spool) is awesome for using as wires, it is covered with a plastic coating so it glues really well. Guitar wire comes in handy all over the place these days, these ones are the wrapped copper kind, the not-wrapped strings I will use in the near futer to make razor wire.
The Brushes, (also known as "The Nosehair Mafia"). From left to right; Big (craft), Flat (craft), Standard (GW), Small (GW), Detail (GW cut down), Stipple (GW cut down lots), Big Dry (GW ruined). The bracket thing is about where they came from...they are an odd bunch. Usually, a standard brush (from GW) will get worn down until it becomes a Small, the Small becomes the Detail, and a new Standard is found. One such Standard became Stipple as a result of a scissor accident.
Cutting stuff consists of the exacto-blade and its friends. The pin vice has been the most useful purchase I have ever made in the hobby. (It is the stability of models and drilled out barrels that does it for me!) And never least, the Sacred Half-Round, for all my fine filing needs.
These are the sculpting tools I use. The pen makes perfect circular holes, while the pencil (with its hollow tip) stamps out dials and pustules really well. Pick and Sculptey (center) are used for almost all other putty uses, and my finger.
Lastly to be viewed is the sculpting box (Sculpty and his friends do not live here). I keep my putty in a container, and that container is kept under the toolkit (away from sun, heat and rabbits) to keep it (and rabbits) safe. Included with the two types of putty are the molds I use (olive oil makes great release) and a ziplock bag. I know what you are thinking, green stuff and a ziplock bag....together they make great coats and other smooth areas free of fingerprints!
Not pictured are the Hot Tools (which are kept in an Immolator box), the hot wire cutter and hot glue gun. These are usually banished to a shelf unless I make terrain...
Speaking of which, next weekend (not this one) I am hosting a terrain making evening/day...pics will be posted!

May the Omnissiah guide your day,
Ricalope, LoC.
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