An Ambulatory Update

Ambulatory: "Ambulatory care is any medical care delivered on an outpatient basis. Many medical conditions do not require hospital admission and can be managed without ..." Now you learned something, on with the post!
The ambulance now has an operation table and auto-surgeon, complete with drain. Soon I will put a vent or tube underneath to void fluids. And I did a round of gap filling.
I assembled the medical assistants as standard guard with lots of pouches and bags, as they are there to carry supplies for the docs. I used small pieces of plasticard to prevent "quicksand", I must thank Ron again for this easy and effective method. This method also works well when using textured plasticard on the bases so they don't stand on funny angles!
And I started work on the doctors, finished two and the other needs his apron finished and some arms. My favorite is the doctor with the bone-saw, he gives me the impression that he just screwed up (remember; read instructions first!)
Finally, I started the other five psykers of my battle choir. They need their heads filed down, and a lot more, but I thought I would show you anyways. I am hoping to have a full unit by GottaCon, but that depends on the winds of fate.

Just a quick post today, (now if I can stop browsing blogs I might get some more work done).

Be Well,
Ricalope, SL.
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