Warp Wednesday Nine: Devouring Bronzed Flesh

Welcome to Wednesday, hope you are well.
Meet Lucia, Mistress of Change. She is made from an Inquisitor scale, (limited edition,) wood elf, Gaulrach's wings and a sword taken from the Khemri range. Lucia has gotten a few mixed reviews, mainly due to the fact that she is limited edition, but I like the sheer presence of her (and why would I use a wood elf in Inquisitor?)
She is often fielded as a lord of change in both fantasy and 40k games. Sadly, my daemon army is still rather small, being the army I work on least...

Tzaanaken, Lord of Chaos, was an impulse buy. I was caught by the dynamic of the model itself, and spent little time altering him to the path of Tzeench.

Sadly, the last time I went to the store to pick up paints, I was reminded of the colors GW had stopped making, primarily Bronzed Flesh. Bronzed Flesh is useless as a flesh tone (unless your army has liver disease) but is essential to my chaos.
I have found Bronzed Flesh to be the best orange highlight in the range. Standardly, I will use Blood Red for a basecoat, followed by Blazing Orange, then Fiery (now Solar Machrais) then Bronzed Flesh. I have also seen it used effectively for lava effects and some cool yellows.
I currently have a couple spares in my paint box (along with Tanned Flesh) and mourn the loss of Midnight Blue. It seems odd that I have a Tzeench army but I am afraid of change (paint-wise)...
Well, that is it for this Wednesday, thanks for looking,
Ricalope, LoC.
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