The Dawn of a New Year

Happy New Year Everybody!

A friend of mine is a model (a real/human one, not plastic or pewter), and wanted to use some of my models as settings and antagonists for some sets. To this I gladly agreed, professional photography is always cool with me. I hope you enjoy these selections.

On a more seasonal topic, I have decided to be sure to do a few things this year (or at least make a valiant attempt). First is to finish painting all the primed models I own, not an easy feat to say the least, that would be around 140ish figures, not including the bugz. Second, is to put more effort into my gamer life, not just the hobby. This will involve conventions, tournaments, gatherings and some talk of a gamer's group in Victoria. Lots to do...

And it looks like you all have voted for the 609th to bring to GottaCon, I approve of your decision! (Not that Ricalopia is a democracy, but your words are heard!) Here is what I have in mind:
-Primaris Psker w/ battle psyker squad
-Ohgryns w/ chimera
-Infantry Platoon (on foot)
-Veterans w/ valkyrie
-Sentinels w/ lascannons
-Rough Riders
-Leman Russ Executioner

I hope your new year is epic,

All pictures are by Lords Baine Photography.
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