Terrain Binge

Many hands at work. This weekend the Rabbit Hole hosted an open house to build terrain. Most if it will be used in the upcoming GottaCon Warhammer and 40k tournaments, all of it will be used for games in the Rabbit Hole.
Creative energy flowed like coffee, (the coffee flowed like water).

The industrial zone was expanded...with Burny's approval.

Purity Control at work....
Nearly every tool, brush and building material was used this weekend, not something that usually happens. It seems to cause some vapors...
Bins, and bins of raw terrain. Tins, sprue, lighter holders, till receipt rolls, pressboard and everything else.
Much of the terrain started the weekend in various stages, from just needing sand to non-existent.
Some were surprised of how easy it is to make nice looking terrain pieces and the stuff that it can be made of. The pre-made terrain kits are great, but by keeping an eye out for interesting bitz a wargamer has a nearly unlimited supply of materials to draw from.
Terrain graffiti....crazy heretics...
The two day building binge went a third day, with much painting and a couple people returning to do more work upon projects.
Some finished products:

The sounds of drybrushing still echo through the house...
There is still lots of things to paint, and lots more materials to use up. I am tempted to touch up some of the older pieces to get rid of some of the chips and breaks.

Until next time....take care.

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