Imperial Guard in Review: Vehicle Sprues

Yes, I know, the newest guard sprues have been out for a while now. But since I have been able to mess around with then all, I would like to tell what I think about the command squad, sentinel, demolisher and hellhound kits.
Command Squad (Cadian): The bitz contained on this sprue is the reason to get this kit. The size of the waists is a little smaller (on the legs) than the regular Cadians, but that is the only scale-issue I found. This could end up as an entire rant about the coolness of the bitz, so I will move on...

Sentinels: Having all-plastic sentinels (that include all the weapon choices) is a huge improvement. Once you understand the trick to the legs (where the little bump goes) the walkers are a breeze to assemble. On the conversion side, the bitz look very versatile.

Hellhound and Demolisher: The new hellhound looks much better than the old, with a better profile and main gun, (but I am still unsure about the new weapon variants). The demolisher is also more ascetically pleasing. But when it comes to bitz, both these kits are lacking. Neither of them come with an accessory sprue (dozer, track guards, etc.) and many of the previously useful bitz (hatches, treads and wheels to name some), either don't exist of are sculpted in. On the other hand, both of them have a 'main' sprue and a 'secondary' sprue, by changing the 'secondary' sprue GW will be able to release most of the other vehicle variants without metal bitz (notice the floor interiors that give it away). The assembly is easier (barring conversions) and the tracks actually line up right!
I will rank than out of ten:
Command Squad (Cadian): 9
Sentinel: 9
Hellhound: 6
Demolisher: 7

What are your thoughts?
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