Cryx - The Canker

 I've been remiss is posting, please forgive me, it has been very busy around the Rabbit Hole of late.  A couple weeks ago was the holiday that should be; Day of the Lope.  Also, the new queen of Ricalopia will be crowned soon so those preparations are reaching a boiling point.  With all this I am still finding time to paint up a storm.
 The next thing in the "Things to Post" list is the mighty Cankerworm for the bone and purple Cryx project.  I think he looks pretty good in this colour scheme.
 I must echo the sentiment of the client regarding this mini, that it is sad that Cankerworm is the only Cryx mini with an awesome base.  I think there should be wreck marker like base inserts for other models too.  This is why most of the characters are getting a cog or two on their bases, to tie them together visually.
Until next round, be well.
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