From the Paint table.

It wasn't cloudy yesterday, which meant I was a-primin'. Here is a shot of the avatar, his flames are basically done (only one last layer, the darkest, at the ends) and his first wash. I keep thinking "propane and propane accessories" and I don't know why.
In the lair a war is brewing (as usual). A high ground mission from Cities of Death. It seems the 609th have some daemon-slaying to do (will update next turn).

The Inquisitorial Henchmen I am making for Graham have been primed and basecoated. I am devising a red/grey/purple colour scheme to mark them as in the employ of a radical Inq.
And here is a sneaky look at the Samalander's table. Daemon-chicks on cats are hot.

Well that seems to be it for now, look again in a couple of days...
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