Old and New

Here are some good pics of Aries, my atlas. Finished for a while now, I just thought I would share.
Tow truck with a flamethrower...
These four Inquisitorial servants are a "giftmini" project. Giftminis are models I am converting and painting for an art trade between friends. These will go to Graham Page to bolster his radical inquisitor's retinue.
The big-headed psyker was inspired by Dave Taylor's "creepy little guys" He was so much fun I am thinking of making myself a psyker battle squad simular to him.
Servo-skulls are so easy to make I really should make more. It just takes a look through the bottom of a bitz box, some wire, and a skull.
I figured someone had to carry something heavy, so why not a brass box with a massive skull? I love the Inquisition!

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