Purge of the Chapel (Turn 3&4)

Things began badly with the inability to take down the soulgrinder as he ate the techpriest and servitors. The psykers targeted the lesser deamons beyond, relying on the firepower of surrounding tanks. The soulgrinder devoured the chior remaining unharmed.
Surrounding fire from Imperial guns was not enough to wipe out the daemons in the chapel, who turned to deal with the approaching tanks.
After distroying all weapons on the command chimera (as well as immobilizing it) the command squad begins to purge the chapel with flame. Squad Crimson I runs to clear the other side of the chapel.
Veteran sargent Hukish delivers the killing blow to the daemon princess. The daemon prince and daemonettes are gunned down by surrounding guardsmen and stormtroopers. At great cost, the chapel is barely under Imperial control.

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