Psykic Chior (Assembly)

It all starts out with a bunch of bodies dragged out from the bitz box. The heads were selected for their baldness (yes, two of them have daemonette heads).
So here they are with heads and jacket bottoms. I used my secret "plastic bag" technique, which was inspired by some wikkid tallarns. The heads, of course, are inpired by The Lord of Change himself.
Putty, rolled flat on thin plasticard, then sculpted into Imperial sigils...
...they are then cut into separate pieces. Flagellant arms were added, (I bet they liked it too) the flails replaced by the sigils.
They are armed with laspistol and close combat weapons, see?
All together, with buttons and rivets (ty brita), and power cables.
I had thought of the battle psyker squad as less powerful psykers than others upon the tabletop, so they needed thier powers amplified. To solve this I gave them each a power pack upon thier backs, which I then plugged into thier sticks, making them psykic lightning rods.

Next time I have to remember to shave down the leg pockets. I have another 6 planned, I might need more putty.
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