A River Will Flow

I decided I needed a river for my table. As my terrain bins primarily consists of city and industrial zones, I decided on flat edged sides to keep the industrialized feel. The designs were first drawn up in my notebook, including construction and colors. I drew out 9 segments on a peice of press board, which I then cut out, each of them are 12" long with 7" connectors. The riverbank was made with a 1" strip of insulation foam roughly cut in half with a hot-wire cutter.

Next was to dig through the bitz box for stuff. Till roll pillars were added to one, (previously roughed up by an old project), a sewage pipe to two (scotch tape roll cut in half), and a sprinkling of trees and floating gas cans.
I think the riverbed might need some more...bubbles?...bones? Not sure yet. I am trying to keep the majority of the river usable for fantasy and warmachine battles as well.

Lastly, the edges get sand glued to them. The edges of the river will be textured later during the painting stage.

Until next post..
Ricalope, SL.

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