A really strange coincedence

A friend had come over, he does not play tabletop games, but he had some models he had found a long time ago. He brought them over to give away, when I noticed something really odd. There were some Sisters of Battle, an Immolator and a small group of militia (yes the old skool ones). After some close inspection (and a deep delve into my fragmented memory), I recognized these girls. They were the first group of sisters I started to collect 15 years ago! They had gone mysteriously missing from my self and I thought them lost to the warp. My friend had found them years ago, before I knew him, while cleaning an empty house at work and held on to them. Granted there are many mitlitia missing, but talk about strange! Thanks to the Emperor for keeping my girls safe in the warp, soon they will be added into the convent they started years ago...
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