These Models Have Nothing to do with Each Other

If they met in a dark alley, things might end up messy, luckily they most likely wont.
Firstly, the Pilot. Yup, is name (so far) is Pilot, original I know. The poor fella lost his airplane, his knife, broke his arm, and is most likely down to his last few las-rounds.
Pilot has no points, and no real place in any army, although I might paint up a doppleganger in the Interceptor. Until then he will be used for those ever-so-common "rescue the pilot" missions.
And now for something completely different....
Chaos ogre! (Complete with stomach problems that can hurt you!)
This is the newest addition to my chaos ogre unit (I might show them to you on a Wednesday). They also have some problems with their bellies.
They also tend to armour themselves with the shields of their enemies and carry around lunch and toys (for when they get bored). "Bones and Hooks" is a favored game of theirs.
And there you have it, two models that have nothing to do with each other.
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