Leave It To Bruckenlegepanzer

I rescued a German bridge layer (often called a Biber, or Beaver) from the dusty section of BC Shavers. With two rivers in the Rabbit Hole I knew it could be put to good use. The original leopard body is being saved for a later project, but the extras from the Charion project enabled me to build a chimera hull with a little plasticard.
At this stage the tank still needs some rivets and circle bits to make it more 40k, but it is otherwise complete.
The cranes are from the original beaver, as I wanted it to place the bridge in the same fashion. The beaver extends the bridge out, bottom first, across the obstacle, thus the rear counter-weight. This means that the beaver can deploy without being seen (like folding bridges) and in tight spaces (unlike the scissor type).
Once the bridge is in place, the beaver will be on 'troll' duty, guarding the crossing with a heavy bolter. If it is lucky I might deploy something to help him out.
Close view of the exposed engine compartment. With the hellhound back piece, this was surprisingly easy to do, and hopefully effective.
As the original bridge was a smaller scale, it had to be widened to accommodate the awesome of guard armor. Also, regular models are made from a thinner plastic, so the center struts had to be replaced.
Bridge laying pose.
My support squadron now numbers three (with an atlas and a trojan), which go me thinking about rules. Since IA1 was written so long ago (before IG vehicle squadrons) I thought they needed a re-do. My idea was a support squadron (1-3 vehicles) consisting of trojans, atlas', and beaver tanks. This squadron would count as a Heavy Support choice but would not count towards the maximum choices. What would you think?
Well, I have a very riveting experience ahead of me,
Be well.
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