Stubborn is better than Fearless

Greetings all, may I present Lord Commissar Gilligutty. After only 4 hours under the brush, he is ready to give the airborne some backbone.
This is the ninth blackhat to be added to the 609th (the second of the Lord variety) and I have to say, stubborn is awesome. After facing a few fearless opponents, (and using some fearless units like the Avatar), I am not a fan. With fearless, a unit will be picked apart as long as they are facing some good die rolls.
Stubborn, on the other hand, helps with almost any leadership issue (it is better to pass a check than to take wounds). A regular commissar is just a unit upgrade that will give an infantry platoon some combat ability as well as a spine. Althoug they are not the best HQ in the 41st millennium, but in the guard list it is a decent one for a mere 100 points. That and commissars have the "Rule of Cool" (I wish I could wander the battlefield in a trenchcoat).
The reason they give stubborn is due to the summary execution rule (I mean who wants to get shot by your commander?) This could hurt if a vet. sgt. gets wasted, but I find it is always an amusing incident that leads to this happening (like a greater daemon for example). Nine times out of ten, a commissar and his squad stay where you put them, and sometimes they can get a squad of guardsmen to win combat (sometimes).

Be well out there,
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