Warp Wednesday 25: 3 W's

Not another squat post...or about shiny space marines...specifically. Today's Wednesday is about who does what and why. There is a great rift amongst many gamers, artists, musicians and almost anything else enjoyable.
Musicians, for example. There are some who create music for the joy of making music, and there are those who create a product that sounds like music. The difference is in the intent. Granted, musicians both sell albums and enjoy creating (otherwise they wouldn't be doing it), but the quality of the music's meaning will suffer. Please do not misinterpret me, there are as many "types" of people as there are people, and I don't mean to generalize. Intent is key.
How does that translate into gaming, specifically wargaming? Long ago our sacred gaming company was created by gamers who saw an opportunity to make a living by doing what they enjoyed. The company was driven by the creative power of spreading that enjoyment, and that enjoyment caught on, and the company grew. Eventually the company, which was run by gamers, was directed by profit. Many of the founders fled this bleak time (see: dnd, gw, m:tg...)
So we have to ask ourselves, why do we do what we do? This (wargaming) is a hobby and a game. We paint and play with toy soldiers because it is fun. If it stops being fun? Make it fun again, it is your game once you open the box. As long as everyone is playing by the same rules, who cares if they are written on a napkin or a shiny book?

Happy Wednesday.
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