Experiment of Death - The Beginning of Twilight

 With GottaCon fast approaching I start looking around this year's projects and try to decide what to enter in the painting competition.  I neglected to enter last year since I just wasn't feeling confident with any models, but this year is different.  I have chosen my large model (not the wetnurse) and unit entries, but my single model entry is still underway.  I have chosen the Twilight Pinup, and I just have to finish her.
 I decided to attempt an overall scheme that wasn't really dark or very bright, she is a Twilight Knight after all.  The name brings to mind a hero from an empire in decline searching to begin a new kingdom and I am trying to reflect that with tones and contrast.  We will see how it goes....
 There isn't a lot of extra stuff to paint on this mini, no extra pouches/skulls/totems to complicate her form, this makes the process a little bit faster.  There are a few difficult angles to reach, specifically under her cloak, but they are also difficult to see.  She will be finished soon!
Until next round, be well.
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