Ambulance (aka Charon)

Charon, in Greek mythology, is the ferryman who carries souls of the newly deceased across the River Styx. The last rivets are set, and it is ready for primer.
Browsing the net, I found pictures of the M11-33, and found a few similarities. This was completely unintentional, but I did find it slightly odd.
Much of Charon is made from a Hellhound and a KZKT-537L tractor (Trumpet 1:35 scale), the rest is plasticard.
The stretchers were quite easy to do, using two lengths of plastic rod superglued and rolled in a strip of cloth, I was a little surprised.
The open back section is complete with spotlight, vapor tubes, canteens, extra medi-packs, stretchers, stands and an small operating theater.
This was one of the most plasticard-intensive model I have assembled yet, as far as small details are concerned.
I just like the concept of the operating table having leg, arm and neck clamps...
There is a deadline to finish Charon, as it will be my entry for the Sheffield Irregulars' monthly painting challenge: Road Warrior. Now comes the hard part.
That is all for today, be well.
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