Warp Wednesday Fourteen: Post 100!

I didn't think it would come to this. One hundred posts, that sounds like some kind of milestone, so I have decided to do a Warp Wednesday. Today's topics: awesome people and the Inquisition (with pictures of the unfinished projects about the house).
As you can see, I have been delving into the latest Beastmen army book and taking this opportunity to re-base a couple units. In the bitz box there happen to be quite a few beastmen, so the metal ones have been turned into command, and "new" plastic ones sprinkled in each unit. The bases fit together in the unit like a puzzle, with half-buried skellies and hills across multiple bases, and each is numbered so they can rank up.
Awesome people.
I am referring to you, and that guy over there. All the minions and readers. Bloggers, trolls, and (most importantly) the internet-roaming wargamers. This blog could not be as successful if it wasn't for all of you prodding me to finish projects as well as inspiring me to start new ones.
It is not possible to thank you all specifically, but know that I do. Please visit the links to the left to see what I mean, they are the definition of awesome.
The Inquisition.
It seems to be a hot topic right now; the question of the Inquisition codex(s), one, two or three? Well, if you are still reading this, you might be interested in my opinion (albeit from the radical side) so here it is. Three codexes. One for each Ordos, each with its own distinct Chamber Militant, as it is in the fluff.

Argument 1: They are too similar. So are the marine chapters, next question.
Argument 2: Too many Imperial codexes. Think about it, a Traitor Guard codex with radical Inquisitors and daemonhosts...that would more than even things out.
Argument 3: It screws up the "rotation". Good, the longer between rules changes the better . (I personally believe that more than one rules change every five years is excessive).

If they released the Inquisition in three codexes, I would have three Inquisition armies with lots of flavor and theme, a single codex would ruin that. And please, go read the Eisenhorn omnibus.

So here is to the health of the Inquisition, and another hundred posts! Cheers.
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