Grimm, the Reaper

Meet Grimm, a Cryxian Reaper. This big fella is the last 'jack needed for the tournament at GottaCon. That's right folks, no 40k for me this year (maybe next year Hive Fester or the Carnevil will be ready, or possibly fantasy....)
Back to Grimm. I wanted a different leg pose for him, so after some cutting and filing, he is bracing himself for when he has to haul in one of those big red 'jacks.
With such a low model count, I can go nuts on the bases without going crazy. (Wait a sec...nm.) The whole force still needs a purity seal (waiting for the weather to agree) and some dead grass hither and thither.
The Time of Cryx is drawing to a close, soon the Year of the Troll begins! Until next round...

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Dai said...

Really like the colours on the brass metals in this one.