Iron Lich Asphixious

Once a druid of the Circle, this iron lich has upgraded and joined Lord Toruk's party. His name is Asphixious and he is one of the most iconic warcasters in the Iron Kingdoms. He often pops up in the awesome rulebook fluff as he has a lot of nefarious plans to fulfill. In his pre-epic incarnation (yet to enslave a lich lord and raise an epic 'caster of is own) he is pretty bad-ass with a feat that refills his focus AND hurts everyone close to him. He rocks a monocle, hangs with undead ladies, and he has joined my Cryxian horde!
I will likely be using him as my main 'caster (with the Iron Lady as my secondary). I get evil chuckles whenever I read his stat card; sustained attack + feat + teleport. Cankerworm and him have a lot of fun on the battlefield, the little fella is an essential to any Asphxious list. His stats are decent, for a dead guy, and his other spells are lackluster but all-around-useful.
Nice rules and all, but the mini sells the whole package. It isn't over the top (like his epic self is) but regal and commanding. He has the presence of a leader who choses who, when and where he fights. He has a plan.
The 'classic' version suits me best, being thinner and not in motion like the 2010 version. Staying in the fluff (I am a rabbit after all) all my 'casters belong to Asphixious' mainland invasion deep in the Thornwood. All that remains of the army is Deathjack, a machine wraith, two necrotechs and a handful of zombies.
I also put together a marker, which will be used to represent the parasite spell. The ball and fire are putty mounted on a paperclip wire. The fun part was the spiral on the orb. There are still a few counters to make, I just can't resist making a complete set....
More soon, until next round.
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