Hordes of Chaos - The Cartouchii

 "Those who bear the royal name of Tzeentch."
 My chaos warriors get a boost in the form of a unit of chosen and their very own sorceror.  They are all metal, making it a very heavy unit, which gave me a good reason to try out some new movement trays.  The new trays are made out of some plastic card and plastic strips (Evergreen 188 is the same height as a regular base).  The cork just wasn't working, it was too thick, too wide, and looked bad.  The cork will likely end up as rubble on some terrain somewhere.
 I painted the chosen to match the chaos knights with rich blue armour, magic-y red blades and lots of gold.  This creates a visual link between the two most favoured units of the bird-god.
 The original standard was really short and could barley be seen when in the unit so I had to change it for a better one.  The old one is destined for a hellcannon.  Also, the champion's helmet was swapped for the Tzeentchy helmet from the chaos marine box so he could have a third eye.

 Also, most of my units have an attached character, for the chosen I picked the Gamesday sorceror which came with the big box of goodies.
 Long have I coveted this mini.
I put so freehand mathematics on his cloak, as he practices offensive numerology.  The staff top was swapped out with an ushabti blade to continue the Egyptian flavour.  I might be starting to run out which means I might need to pick up some of those fancy Khemri plastic kits soon!
Until next round, be well and worship chaos.
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