Experiment of Death - Some Assembly Required

 The first thing to work on was the Wet Nurse's base, and since it didn't come with one I had to make one from scratch.  I stated with a large flat base, added a larger cork chunk, and then a larger cork chunk on top of that.  I then took out some plastic 'sidewalk', broke it to fit the cork, and then glued some of the broken off pieces at odd angles.
 The tiles were glued in multiple rounds, each round gluing on fewer tiles rising higher.  All the tiles will be painting in a checkerboard theme.  I am hoping the bases will give them a reality-bending feel.
 The base is larger than the nurse, allowing the extra room needed for it's women.  There is a story to be told with this mini, and it needs room to tell it!
 Behind the wet nurse, the floor is disintegrating faster (from contact?), I intend to use some kind of water fx to detail this further.
 Only the nurse is glued down, the ladies are waiting until after the putty is used.  There are only a couple of spots that need to be filled....around the big arms and 'horn'.
 The Twilight Knight also got a tiled base (the cork is only one layer thick) and her arm replaced.  Denghra donated her arm (from the Cryx battlebox) which fit almost perfectly.  The cloack had to be trimmed, and a bit of putty is required, but I think it works out.
 I see painting a lot of flesh tones in my future!
Until next round, be well.
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