Space Wolves - Let The Dogs Out

 Lack of posts can only mean one thing; lots of painting!  Here is the first pack of a new commission, some Grey Hunters.  These marines are painted in the same technique as the Flesh Tearers, but with some notable differences due to their Space Wolf nature.
 These guys are from the Redmaw Great company, thus the bloodstained muzzles and faceplates.
 I went with white painted sand for the snow bases.  I find that the GW snow is difficult to work with and turns yellow after a month.  It still looks frosty me thinks.
 Compared to the Flesh Tearers, these guys have fewer purity seals and such, but a lot more other bits like armour details and fur bits all over the place.  The skin tones are darker (not so vampish) and the hair more varied in colours.  I am really liking the space-viking feel of these guys.
Until next round, keep painting!
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