Experiment of Death - Unboxing

 I received a box, a much anticipated delivery from Kingdom Death.  Long have I looked upon their models with longing.  I ordered the Experiment of Death box which is a pvc plastic re-cast of two awesome models.
 I have always wanted a Wet Nurse, it is such an insane model.  I will be making some work in progress posts, starting here and ending with some nWo rules for the both of them.  Let's open the box shall we?
 It slides...
 Two cards, with wicked art.
 These will get frames and put up in the war room.
 Bags of bits.
 They each have their own bag.  Only one base, for the Twilight Knight.
 The Twilight Knight bits.  One thing jumps out at me immediately; both swords are broken!  One is broken twice!  Don't worry....I have a plan.  Mold lines are not too bad, less than the usual amount I see on other minis.
 The base, has an insert?
 The Wet Nurse's bits.  Lots of arms, a "tail", and some naked chicks.
 It is about the size of a warbeast/dreadnought/warjack but with all the weight on the bottom.  All of the details are crisp, and the cast is hollow.
 Fully detailed ladies. These will be used to set the scene on the base.
Until next round, be well.
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