Grey Knights - Terminate!

 On the Grey Knight front, the terminators are finished!!  Here they are two at a time:
 The Grey Knights are fairly easy (although most marines are IMO), once the armour is done it is all details from there.
 I am like having red as the secondary colour, and dropping blue down to third, I think it gives them a more infernal look.
 After these guys are the two plasma servitors (converted from mechanithralls, woot!)  Then the last seven power armoured knights, possibly with a tutorial if the camera stops acting funny.
 I tried to get some heraldry on the shields, nothing too fancy, just some simple designs.  Each of them also have names, my two favourites are Ricalope and Grinto.  Some others I have lifted from the Heresy books.
 Until next round....
....keep painting!!
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