Hordes of Chaos - Release the Hounds

 It seems that chaos is in ascendant, the glorious host of the magical bird god has nearly doubled in size with the arrival of two batches of previously owned chaos mortals.  With these new additions most of my cults (regiments) can be increased to their holy numbers and some new subservient cults will arise.  My host, previously of a very monotheist nature, will soon include devotees of Khorne and Nurgle.  (The cult of the Fly Lord has already begun, see earlier posts.)
 To start this new glorious age of chaos, I started with the new hounds.  The Pack started with a bunch of kroot hounds, due to their beaky nature, with some added tails and fur.  For some reason I only modified half of them, but painted them all, it was a long time ago after all.  Recently added to their numbers was a batch of new plastic hounds, which I mixed in.
 The alfa hounds are some old non-GW sculpts, like Reaper's cerebus (the three-headed puppy), but I don't know where the other two are from.  They work well as unit leaders since they are notably different.  As the cults grow to their full size, the older members will get updated.  This includes battle damage (like broken horns and such), I am not going to replace anything but paint in their wounds, thus the occasional missing horn.
Until next round, praise chaos.
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