Hordes of Chaos - The Lil Bastard and His Cult

 Fel Ur Ket are the three names given to the Lord's proxy.  The three headed sorceror leads the horde in the Lord's absence, much to the regrets of the Empire.  In human lands he is known simply as the "Lil Bastard", which amuses him greatly.
 Fel Ur Ket now has a full unit of warriors to catch cannon balls for him, numbering 23 (a holy number to the bird-god, and divinely lucky).
 I opt for my Tzeentchian warriors to have to weapons, to maximize their high-than-average strength.  With their mark and chaos armour, they are still pretty resilient, which is what a purely combat army needs.

 This mini was the first time I experimented with NMM, I don't think it turned out well.  The greys look fine, and I am happy with how it looks, but it doesn't look metal.
 Until next round...
...be well.
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