Trolls - Electric

 As soon as this model was released, I wanted one.  The rules for him are solid, for a light troll, and his animus kicks ass.  As soon as he was finished he became a staple in my lists, and now there are electric trolls running all over the place.  His name is Bzzzt.
 The model is well sculpted, and had minimal mold lines over the detailed areas.  What I thought was freehand tattoos in the pictures is actually sculpted on, which was a nice surprise.  One of my favourite details is the reversed fur of his kilt (I don't doubt that he also drags his feet). Being one of Privateer's new plastics, he was assembled very quickly with ease.
 After seeing all those canny Cygnar players and their lightning, I attempted the same kind of thing.  I drilled some holes where I wanted the sparks connecting, bent up some paperclips, and glued them in.  One or two might be too long, but I like the effect overall.
 He is noticeably less-rocky than other trolls, but has some cool spines.  There is just that one spot, on the small of his back, that is too smooth.  In theory (and I might still try it) an eldar guardian fin and some green stuff might fix that.
Until next round, be well.
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