Guild - Perditia'sRevelation

 Redhead gunslinger on nightmare sphinx?  As you wish...
 I saved Peditia's avatar for last which was great motivation to finish the whole crew.  This was definitely the most fun Malifaux model I've worked on yet.  The sculpt had no problems (slight flash in hidden places) and went together really easy.
 The crystals on the base, supporting the sphinx, were the inspiration for the rest of the crystals on the crew which I think helps to tie them all together.  The avatar also go a whole wheel from the corpse cart sprue for flavour.
 I chose dark purple for the beast because I've watched a lot of old cartoons...
 I look forward to seeing her on the tabletop, but I haven't been able to manifest her yet.  We will see what fate has to say on that.
Until next round, watch more cartoons!!
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