Fly the Flag (Assembly)

Well, Hallowe'en celebrations are over, back to the grind..

The Sheffield Irregulars are having a painting competition for November, the theme being "fly the flag". I began by selecting bitz and visualizing the conversion the morning after Hallowe'en. In this state of subconsciousness, I liberated a small pile of arms, legs, skulls and a banner.

Beginning with the base, since this will be a "minirama" I selected a large base, built a very ruined portion of barricade and added a strip of sidewalk. a pile or refuse was added, (an orc skull, a gas can, and the iconic helmet-on-shovel).

The next step was the two guardsmen that make up the subject matter. Several ideas went through my mind, things like victorious banner waving, piles of fallen foes, last man standing, but in the end a more sombre theme won. The concept became centred upon the leadership aspect of a regimental standard.

The veteran, entrusted with the regiment's banner, leads his wounded, blind comrade through a warzone. They are almost covered in battle damage, yet still moving forward.

Soon, I will paint them...

Ricalope, SL.
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