Warp Wednesday Seven: Superfluous Eldar Pics

It is warm in the warp today, hope you all are well.

I know, many of you read this blog to look at the pictures, so here are some superfluous pictures of my exodites taking a wrong turn through a warp portal. I am (very) slowly working on an exodite army and have a couple of things planned for them (keep watch for a carnosaur in the near future).

I am not sure about the rest of you, but I am lucky enough to have some regular opponents to play against. This, more than anything else, provokes me to build an army and get it table-ready. I refer to this as the "arms race" and it seems the other players have the same syndrome as well. I am referring to the habit of getting that bigger, better, killier model than the one that beat the bejeebus out of you the last game. For instance; a friend of mine (who is insane) built a mechanical squiggoth (aka "the giant metal pig"), and even though the Emperor has blessed me with a tank division, and they have only seen the monstrosity once, I am planning a churchtank, just so I have something bigger.

Also, having regular opponents, creates storyline. The war that has followed me from house to house, has a long history, and many units have the honour badges to prove it. Grudges are made, (my autarch currently has a warboss to settle with), and models acquire history and a reputation.

Both of these factors will foster the most important aspect of the game (in my opinion), the spirit of the game. It is a board game, (with toy soldiers), but when there is history and character it becomes something better. Once this happens the cheering, taunting and other hubbub get started, it becomes an event.

Just something I noticed...
Happy Wednesday!
Ricalope, SL.
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