Blueprint: Soulgrinder

I have found myself in a commission. It is not an uncomfortable feeling. I have been asked to make a female soulgrinder devoted to Slaanesh for a good friend. Since I really like her painting skills, I will only be doing the assembly.

The plan is as follows; the body will be centaur-like, made of eldar walkers, female/daemonettish, be large, and still fit into the rules without too much hassle. As with most warp-spawned ideas, I am starting with the blueprints. I checked the assassin body to a wraithlord for scale, and I will need to find a new body. Otherwise it looks sound to me.

I am picking up the bitz on saterday, so work will start soon. This idea partly spawned from the "wraithknight" idea I had for my craftworld eldar. After doing this model, I might work upon that.

Tell me what you think...
Ricalope, LoC.
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