Warp Wednesday Five: BFG's

Welcome back to Warp Wednesday. Today, I would like to show you some tank porn. This would be I21-3 (2nd squadron of first division, tanks 1 through three), a trio of vanquishers.

The centre tank is named Apotheosis and is a commissar tank. It features the Styges pattern turret from Forge World, where the other two have guns made from banablade battle cannons.

There are some markings of note:
-Inquisitorial I's are the symbol of my Imperial Guard (Inquisitorial Shock Troops), each one is made from a putty mold.
-Dragon Head Medallions are campaign badges from the war over at Hive Chemrol (Glasgow House).
-Shields depicting lions are campaign badges from the Rendus expedition (Bay St.)
-Gun markings include diamonds (for infantry kills) and triangles (for vehicle kills).
-Most have an alfa-pattern engine in the back (the exhaust vents on either side).

Granted, vanquishers were better in the old edition, being able to fire anti-tank or regular pie plate (at a greater range), but I like the aesthetic of the big guns. The only time all three are fielded is during an apocalypse game, when their firepower becomes a high threat, and in such games they usually rack up a nice kill tally.

Hope you enjoy!
Ricalope, SL.

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