Warp Wednesday Eight: What is this "Tank Spam" you speak of?

"Big guns never tire."
Welcome to Warp Wednesday Eight. Each week I dig out something out of the maelstrom of my gaming room and dust it off. While I take pictures, I try to figure out something to rant about...

In my relatively short time on the interweb, I have come across a term previously unknown to me. I have been collecting tanks (read: playing Imperial Guard) for almost six years or more, and have been accused of being a tread-head (and once an "armoured-cheese-monkey").
I never heard the phrase "tank-spam" before. So I decided to do what any good tank commander would, research. It seems I am often a spammer.
So, in my defense, I would like to point out some serious facts regarding using a lot of armour with the Imperial Guard. First is the quality of our troops, or lack of... Second is the new vehicle assault rules added to the thinly constructed rear areas.
Psychology is the real threat of tank-spam, seeing a wall of iron spitting death at your troops is demoralizing. I believe this feeling is only equalled by the pride of fielding twelve tanks...
The best defense used against me has been to make traffic jams by wrecking my vehicles. This increases cover and decreases line of sight. It also severely disrupts movement, making remaining tanks vulnerable and isolated. And squadrons have their own problems...
In response to the new codex, one of my platoons have been given transports (making them an armored platoon?) and recently they have been enjoying high kill counts as well as getting broken all over the place. Since the new rules, over half of my tanks die ever game.
Well, tell me what you truly think of tank-spam, how do you play with or against them? Or just enjoy the pictures of my gorgon...
Thanks for the inspiration,
Ricalope, SL.
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