Fly the Flag (PIP)

So the two guardsmen are getting some paint. As usual, I start with the under suits (but not the highlights), this comprises of bestial brown to bubonic.

Next, the basecoats for the other three main colours are done. In this case, catachan green, dark flesh and midnight blue.

The Armour (midnight blue) is highlighted with shadow grey, then codex.

The weapons, (canteens and whatnot) are brought from catachan green to camo. The flesh os painted from dark flesh, to tanned, then dwarf. Hormagaunt purple was used to make bruises, and codex grey for stubble, (each of these were mixed with dwarf flesh 50/50).

Finally, I have the other basecoats done. Scorched brown for leather, khemri brown for the litany and skulls, and scab red and regal blue for lights, button and thingies.

More soon...I just hope that female soul-grinder stops looking at me funny...

Ricalope, SL.
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