Warp Wednesday Six: Skulls, dragons, flags and gems.

Lets talk about little things, little things like wound markers and other such counters. They are so easy to make, I am at a loss as to why everyone who games doesn't have a set. Of course, they are most handy because it stops players from rolling their mage's spells/carnifex's wounds, and that is why I recommend them. But more importantly, they are fun to make/paint (and they take little-to-no time).

These guys are what I call "weird little guys." They represent wounds, doom and some remain in play spells. Luckily, many of the spells of Tzeench are colour coded...

Here we have dispel scrolls and more odd markers. The eldar statue represents bladestorm most of the time.

I had a whole lot of marine flags lying around the bitz box, so my sisters of battle were made faith markers. When used, the marker is placed beside the unit until the effect wears off, then, when units die, the faith markers get added back to the pile.

Wounds, as in piles of skulls. The key to having counters that can be used for different armies is in the basing. All the bases (except the faith markers) are done in a neutral theme, and a lot like the table at home.

Lastly, the six markers of gemstones these are all numbered 1-6 underneath. Originally they were used as objective counters, now they serve well as gone to ground markers as well as flags for cityfight (for my eldar and bugs).

Well, happy Wednesday!
Ricalope, SL.
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