Witch Hunters - We Do What We Want

 A command squad needs a fitting transport.  They need something that stands out as much as it purges heretics.  The answer is the redeemer.  Apart from its name, the redeemer has many witch-hunting qualities, specifically the flamethrowers.
 Of course I did add almost an entire sister's vehicle sprue (and a set or two of putty molds) to keep the church feel.  Switching the front weapons, I was able to use the immolator turret, which gives it a better field of fir with the better gun.
 This rules violation is backed up by the fact that it is the inquisition, and they have the authority.  This is the same reason my witch hunter inquisitor rides a valkyrie.  That and it is fluffy, and fluffy wins here.
 All the guns move, and the hatches open, which was a pain.  (This was back before I learned a bunch of tricks I know now.)
(More words here.)
 Both of my inquisition land raiders are powered by the pain of penitents.  They are cheaper than fossil fuels and easier to aquire.
 Until next round...
...be well.
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