Trolls - A Worthy Objective

 Every army needs an objective right?  I had found this alluring mini and thought "this would make a nice light snack for my trolls!"  Armed with cork, foam, a cd and some basing materials, I put together "lunch".
 The backstory goes something like this; the trolls take the fairest (and therefore tastiest) woman in the nearest village and tie her to a stick.  Her clothes are removed to reveal choice cuts, which makes the hungry trolls agitated.  The troll who survives and kills the most of the enemy is rewarded with roasted maiden after the battle.  The rest of the trolls get to pick over the battlefield for other morsels of food and any lost limbs or whelps.
 I guess it gives an opposing (human) force reason to save her, or other factions to get the snack first.  Either way, it is fun to place it on any table and watch my opponent's reaction.
 The carvings on the stone roughly translate into "food, here."
 Until next round....
...be well.
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