Witch Hunters - Battle Command

 At the core of the Daughters of Odin is the palatine and confessor with their celestian bodyguard.  Converted and painted years ago, before washes and osl, I am still pretty proud of this unit.  A ton of putty went into molds for the purity seals and inquisition bling, and the bitx box was thoroughly purged.
 Leading the squad is a palatine with powersword and meltapistol.
 The stormshield is to represent any armour-buffing wargear she buys (and it gave me an excuse to add more bling).
 After using my witch hunters for some time, I realized I hadn't used the cannoness (in the Ordo Hereticus), and I happened to have a spare.

 Confessor Smirnoff is older than any of the sisters, he started off in Inquisitor Bacardi's retinue before leading a Cawdor gang, who eventually evolved into a redemptionist gang.  He then joined the Daughters of Odin and has since spent time in the company of the 609th and several inquisitors of the Ordos Malleus and Hereticus.

 "The Backhand of the Emperor."

 Squad command falls to the celestian superior.  The old black templar sprues were a major source of bitz for the whole army.

 Flamers, of course there would be fire!

 The unit and army imagifiers.  Amping up the faith....

 These minis were the first time I tried sculpting gas masks.  These ones look like fugglespatch.  I would like to think I have improved some, but luckily there is a larger range of cool masks now (if one looks hard enough).
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