Trolls - Engine of Battle

 It has buffalo and a huge gun.  It is (in my opinion) the most detailed and imposing of the battle engines.  Regardless of rules, I had to have one (and eventually two).
 Unlike the wraith engines, this model is composed of many smaller models which create a diorama of destruction.  It has the feel of the trollblood army, unleashed fury and desperate measures.
 I wont go into its tabletop performance too much.  It is a battle engine, so everyone can hit it, and after a few good hits it is dead.  But while it is alive it is fairly tactical, decent in combat (it can do cavalry charges?!?) and that nasty cannon on top.  This thing does one thing really well, knockdown, which 2/3 of its weapons have.
 Like many PP minis, it barely fits on the base.....
 Some crew pics....
 Until next round....
...be well.
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