Hordes of Chaos - The GWF Champion

 This is Eddy, chaos giant of Tzeentch and founder of the Giant Wrestling Federation.
 Ages ago, when I first got hired as a part-timer at my local GW, I was given a giant kit.  It was new (a month before release) and I was tasked to create a chaos version for the store.  A week later this monstrosity took his spot on the display case.
 Our store needed a fantasy-themed event to bolster our store numbers, so I recommended a sport-night in the spirit of Bloodbowl.  We held weekly matches, with slightly tweaked rules.  Matches would be held simultaneously on one table, and each giant (or shaggoth, treeman, etc) would have an opponent worth more points than the other.  Terrain could be used as weapons, or thrown, and sometimes eaten.  Giants would earn cash to buy items (like bags of sheep), cheerleaders, and agents (heroes who could help out).
 The matches continued as more giants tested themselves, (and the volume level soared, much to the dismay of the fantasy players).  But it was a success, we had more gamers on fantasy night and the giant sales went through the roof.
 Yes, Eddy has a Daisy-chain...
 We held tag-team matches, ring matches and even hardcore matches (those that took place in normal fantasy games).  But as all things do, the GWF fell into history.  Eddy still gets out though, pillaging the odd Empire town with the chaos warriors and beasts.
Until next round, be well.
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